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Piano Finders Business License

Piano Finders Business License

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Business License. City of Walnut Creek. The person, firm or corporation named below is hereby licensed to engage in business, profession or trade described below in the City of Walnut Creek for the period indicated. This license is issued pursuant and subject to all laws and ordinances which are applicable to the conduct of such business in the City of Walnut Creek. Issuance of this license is not an endorsement, nor certification of compliance with applicable laws and ordinances. This license is issued without verification that the licensee is subject to or exempt from licensing by the State of California.

Business Name: Pianofinders.com / Piano Finders.

Business Type: 3400. Business Location: 2121 No. California Blvd. Suite 290, Walnut Creek, CA 94596. Description: Miscellaneous-Service Groups. Business Owner: D and R Masters, Inc. Business License Number: 039814. Effective date: 6/30/2005. Expiration date: 7/22/2005. Not transferable.