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We appreciate the daily feedback that we receive from those of you who use our web site and services. When you have a suggestion, or when you are pleased with something we have done, thanks for letting us know. It is because of your feedback that we are able to improve our site and take into consideration the needs of the thousands of people who visit here each day from all parts of the United States and over 40 countries.

We have included here a few of our clients "thank you" letters on this page, for those of you who want a quick overview of what others think is the most helpful about our web site and services. We have only listed the first name and last initial of the authors in order to protect their privacy.

Overall Comments on PianoFinders.com Web Site

  • I believe that yours is the best commercial web site I've ever seen, and I've been using the internet for years. It is outstanding. Paul L. Attorney at Law
  • I just wanted to tell you that your web site is just so absolutely wonderful. The amount of work, and thought, and perhaps even soul that went into it, is just incredible. I'm sure I'll spend a lot of time here, and I am grateful that there are people like you who make such experiences possible. Best regards, Alex
  • Thank you so much for the wonderful information on this site. I'm thinking of buying a grand piano and this site has been fantastic in helping me get some background info. Sarah G.
  • After countless hours of internet research on pianos, I found your web site. You had everything I wanted to know! Thank you for your excellent work. I will recommend your web site to our piano teacher to share with her students. Naomi S.
  • Thank you very much for the Piano Finders web site, which has opened a new and very beautiful world for our family. I am very glad that I purchased your Price Guide, which has been an invaluable help to us. We have also enjoyed the entire web site, and we are certain to drive up to the Bay area to bring our three children to see the show with the absent-minded Professor. Christopher S.
  • I trust your system more than the others really. I don't get spam and fraud from yours! I get at least 20 per day with the other ones I list with and its a pain. Thank you again. Jay M.

Piano Finders Price Comparison Guide

  • You may not believe this, but the $35 I spent on this guide just saved me $2,000 yesterday. I have been negotiating with our local piano dealer for over a year. I had him down to his "rock-bottom, one-time only, lowest price possible". After looking at your comparison guide for five minutes, I went back to the dealer and bought the piano for $1900 less the his best price. The sales tax on that $1900 was about $100, so I saved about $2,000. Thanks! - Bill F.
  • I found the online "Price Comparison Guide" an invaluable tool in my search for Piano values. I knew very little about pianos until reading the in depth information provided by Piano Finders. I feel I can now buy with confidence! Thank you again for all of your help, online and over the telephone!!!!! Stephen J.
  • Thanks again for responding to my phone message after I subscribed to your online guide last Friday. After visiting many dealers over the last few weeks your guide helped me confidently buy a piano this weekend. David S.

Short Guide to the Piano World

  • I searched for reliable information. I discovered you web site while doing some research for a senior's home and was so impressed with your information, I had to tell you. I have been a Registered Piano Teacher for many years and have basically thought the same as Kendall Ross Bean, the writer of the "Short Guide to the Piano World." It was so wonderful to find so much pertinent information that "names names" and "tells-it-like-it-is". Your information will be extremely useful to the people in charge of buying... Thank you so much for your no-nonsense style. You have performed a great service. Jean H.
  • I can't tell you how informative your site has been in answering my questions as I pursue a grand piano. The "gray market" info was particularly interesting, since I have been warned by dealers of new pianos not to make the mistake of buying used instruments from "tropical" Japan. Thanks again! Pete L.

Ballpark Piano Pricing Services and Brand Name Research

  • Wow! Thanks so much for the in-depth analysis! Your services are impeccable and I will highly recommend you to others that I know in need of such assistance! We had a "ideal" selling price in mind when we submitted the inquiry and we were right on target. Of course we didn't have the knowledge to base our price until we bought your service. I will provide your information to potential buyers and feel much more confident selling it with an honest and unbiased assessment. Again, Thanks. Kim G.

Piano Brokerage Services: Where Piano Finders Acted as Broker for the Buyer and Seller.

  • The entire experience of working with you to procure the piano, through shipping and finally the finished product (after rebuilding) has been a phenomenal experience. Thanks for spearheading everything. This was so much fun, I actually think I am going to start collecting some old pieces and restoring them. Thanks for the inspiration. As Always, Bob D.
  • I recently purchased a 7' Baldwin Grand Piano from Piano Finders and I cannot say enough about the quality service I received from Karen Lile. The piano just arrived and is everything she said it was. Karen was exceedingly helpful in arranging everything from preparing the piano to shipping arrangements and delivery to my home by a local mover. She responds to e-mails, usually within hours, rather than days. You cannot do better than Piano Finders!
  • Karen, unfortunately it is a rare pleasure these days to do business with someone with both your expertise and thorough approach. You made this process quite painless for us and without you I think it would have been overwhelming. Thanks again. Terry S.
  • We've worked with Karen and Kendall at Piano Finders twice, once when we bought our piano about 10 years ago, and again now selling it. I have nothing but nice things to say about their service. They've gone out of their way to provide more than we technically paid for and have been both pleasant and totally professional in all our dealings. I would not hesitate to use their services again and wish more of the businesses I deal with operated as they do. It took awhile, about 4-5 months to sell our piano, but we were in no hurry and got close to our asking price. Our buyer was very cautious and sent his own appraiser out who backed up everything Karen and Kendall had said. Since our buyer was so cautious and concerned about details it was a relief to have Karen handle all the details of the sale. It went smoothly and our check arrived immediately.

Piano Finders Rebuilding and Technical Services combined with Brokerage Services.

  • Our Steinway Grand piano arrived safely. It's just beautiful. It sounds like bells chiming in the treble and has a deep resonance in the bass. You did a beautiful job on every detail. I just wanted to thank you so much for all your work and for your conscientiousness and caring about doing a good job. Again, thank you so much. Rita L.
  • The movers arrived last Thursday about 5:30 and worked quickly. By six we had a beautiful new instrument gleaming in the corner of our living room, looking like it had been there all along. We almost hated to leave town the next morning! I've played all 88 keys, some of them more than once, and the touch and sound is quite pleasing. It is not too bright, nor loud nor unpleasant in any way. It seems perfect for the room. Now the real work begins, dusting off that part of the brain connected with play, getting started with lessons and filling that room with lovely music. Thanks so much for your services. You and Kendall have been very attentive and professional, and we are very pleased. We will look forward to seeing Kendall after some time, for a tuning (and a soiree, yes?) Very best regards, Peter S.
  • Just wanted to let you know that the sound, feel, and looks of the Steinway Grand piano is wonderful. Our girls can not stay off of it, which is a good thing. Thank you, Kendall for doing a great job, your evaluation and work made it possible. It is a process which is not easy without such help from people that you trust. Thanks. Craig C.
  • This is addressed to anyone considering using the Piano Finders services. We just completed the buying process and our new piano was delivered about a week ago. We bought a 7’ grand piano and we love it. The process took a while for us since this particular piano is harder to come by. And the wait was worth it. It is a lovely piano! Karen and Kendall have been great to work with. I wasn't sure whether to buy a piano through a dealer or them. In fact, I saw a very nice GS-70 the same day that we drove up to meet them the first time. And, after meeting them, We both agreed that we wanted to get our piano through Piano Finders, even if we had to wait several months. We could tell how much they cared about pianos and helping people find their piano. Kendall struck me as a someone who had two loves, playing the piano and working on them. And he couldn't decide which one to devote himself to, so he had to do both. I have no doubt that he took every effort to make sure our piano was in superb condition before giving it to us. I worried about committing to buy the piano without seeing it. But the trade-off was seeing a piano or trusting Karen and Kendall to use their judgment in accepting it and then spending his time to condition it for us. The decision was easy, even though I had a piano available right then. Actually, the hardest part of the decision was going back to the dealer with our regrets. He had also been very helpful and knowledgeable. And, we wanted our piano to be in the best condition possible, and we felt Piano Finders would do that for us. I found Piano Finders through surfing on the web. Their web site struck me as something special, and our experience has proven that correct. I have no qualms in recommending them. We are very satisfied! Craig C.
  • I and my neighbor have had personal experience with Piano Finders and would like to offer a response to questions we received from those considering using Piano Finders services. Regarding buying a grand piano sight-unseen, bear in mind that Piano Finders selected a known model of Yamaha with an agreed-upon condition when delivered to my neighbor. The results were excellent in terms of value for the money and playing satisfaction. Kendall is both an artist in terms of playing at a professional level and, therefore, being expertly critical of piano nuances. He is also a craftsman in terms of his attention to detail when voicing or regulating an instrument. Thanks, Don C.
  • I owned a 9 foot Knabe Concert Grand for 20 years when I moved from Michigan to San Francisco, CA. Leaving the piano behind in Michigan was one of the hardest aspects of my move across the country. That is when a number of circumstances converged and I met Karen Lile at Piano Finders. I determined that the Mason AA was the nicest piano for me, and Piano Finders was able to find one for me. The instrument was in need of restoration. After trying several instruments rebuilt under the direction of Piano Finders, I was comfortable that a great instrument could be made of the old Mason that we found. The Mason is now in the shop getting the finishing touches, while I'm putting the finishing touches on the Rachmaninoff C sharp Minor prelude. I think that they're both going to be ready at about the same time! Tom H.