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Piano Comparison Chart - Measured Against Your Values

The following chart is a tool you can use to help you to compare pianos against your priorities and values (see Buyer's Values).  Before you will know what pianos to put on this chart for comparison, you may want to establish your search criteria and then try out several pianos or hire a consultant to educate you.  The following items are usually included in the search criteria:

Brand Preferences:
Size Range:
Price Range:
Color Preferences:
Cabinet Style Preferences:

"The Piano Comparison Chart- Measured Against Your Own Values" is usually helpful in the final stages of the decision making process, when you have narrowed the selection of pianos down to four or less pianos and you are trying to weigh the various factors before deciding which piano you want to have appraised. When the chart asks you to "circle one: yes, no, or need more info", you would compare what you know about the piano to what you know matches your values.  In essence, you are asking yourself the question, "Does this piano's appearance (for example) match my values for what I want the piano I buy to look like?" 

When considering a piano,  you will generally want to compare it to at least two sets of values, your own, and those of an expert that you choose. This chart only represents the comparison to your own values.  Some of the categories, such as Durability or Serviceability, may require the help of an expert, as you may not be be able to make an assessment by yourself.  When you feel you don't know enough to make a determination on your own, circle the "need more info" choice

Piano Finders charts reporting the results of an expert analysis of one or more pianos are the products of consultations.  They require deeper examination of technical issues than it is assumed you will be able to make on your own.

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