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We use our expertise to select the best pianos.

For High Polish Ebony
Yamaha and Kawai Grands


Price Range $9,500 and up

You can count on us!



We can save you
thousands of dollars.

  We guarantee the condition of the piano We make it easy for you
from shipping to tuning
  We protect you with a 5 Year Limited Warranty We bring the piano to
its peak performance
  We answer your questions before
you buy
We provide service in
your home after delivery

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1.  We use our expertise to select the best pianos:  Itís often difficult selecting a pre-owned piano from a showroom floor or private party. Unless you are an accomplished pianist and bring along a piano tuner/technician, you may not be able to tell whether the piano is everything itís supposed to be. Without expert advice, it is hard to know whether an instrument is in good structural condition; whether it has been properly maintained by the previous owner;  or whether it has been adequately prepped by the dealer. A piano may sound or look o.k. on the surface, but it may have hidden problems that could be very expensive to repair, and which only an expert can detect.

Through the Piano Finders Full Service Buying Option, we guarantee ahead of time the condition of the piano, and then we find you an instrument to match that condition and the price we have both agreed upon.   We have trusted sources who supply us with premium condition pre-owned Kawai and Yamaha Grands. 

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  2.  We guarantee the condition of the piano:  We have established the Piano Finders Standard, to help describe the condition of a piano in the areas of quality, tone, touch, durability and appearance.  We produce a written document for you, telling you exactly what to expect in each of these areas from the piano we will be delivering to you.  Often, even new pianos are not at their peak potential, because the dealer has not paid a skilled craftsman to do all the voicing, regulation and other adjustments that make the biggest difference in touch and tone on a piano.  You can be assured that we will be doing this work on your piano and we are willing to put it in writing before you commit to buy.

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  3.  We protect you with a D & R Masters, Inc.  5 Year Limited Warranty:  Our rebuilding company, D&R Masters, Inc., contracts this transaction and offers you their warranty, which covers the structural and musical parts of the piano.  As piano rebuilders, we can fix virtually any problem that may occur on a piano.  We are capable of fulfilling the warranty we give, in our own local shop.  However, since warranty work is expensive to us, we are very careful to only sell you a piano in peak condition.   We count on our expertise to minimize our risk of any future problems.   Because we are putting our guarantee behind the piano, it is in our interest to select a piano that will be as trouble free as possible for both of us. For more information on our Limited 5 Year Warranty, please contact us.

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  4.  We answer your questions before you buy:  We want satisfied customers. One of our greatest sources of business is referrals from other customers we have satisfied. It is our goal to make sure that we have answered all your questions.  We also will educate you on issues you may not be aware of, so you can feel completely comfortable about making this purchase.  We screen our customers, and if we do not feel that what we have to offer suits your needs, or if we feel uncomfortable ourselves about how satisfied you will be, we will not enter into a contract with you.  There are other options for buying pianos, and we want you to choose the one that will make you happy.

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  5.  We can save you thousands of dollars:   A new Kawai or Yamaha Grand will usually cost several thousand dollars more than the pre-owned pianos we have available for you.  There is always  immediate depreciation on new pianos: for example, if you buy a new grand, and then for some reason have to turn around and sell it immediately as a private party, you can usually only hope to get, at best, half to two-thirds of what you paid for it.

Unlike cars, which generally receive a lot of use (and abuse),  pianos do not usually need major work during the first 30 to 50 or more years of ownership (as always, there are exceptions, but that's what we're here for: to make sure you get the instruments that are still in excellent or very good condition). Well cared-for, good quality  pre-owned pianos can be equal to if not superior to new pianos (if manufacturers have lowered their quality in recent years).   Once a piano has depreciated from new to used, it will generally increase in price by 3% to 5% each year, as the value of all pianos goes up (being a labor intensive product).  Often some of the best values for your money are used pianos that are between 10 to 20 years old, because they have already taken their depreciation but still have plenty of life left.   

The tricky part for you as an individual is in finding pre-owned pianos in good condition on the private party market. Many people would rather forego the hours of poring over newspaper and internet ads, calling up private parties who may be hard to reach and wondering if the piano will still be there by the time you get to look at it. And then there is the need for an inspection by a technician, which can cost you money before you have even committed to buy.   Dealers sometimes have trade-ins, but they often price them high, closer to the price of a new piano, because they have to pay for their overhead, salespeople, and advertising, and also because it is their priority to sell new pianos, not used ones.

We buy Kawai and Yamahas from a trusted wholesaler, who gathers them up from various private parties, does a preliminary inspection, grades them according to condition, and then makes the list available to us. We buy the pianos at wholesale and pass the bulk of the savings on to you, taking only a modest commission for ourselves.

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  6.  We make it easy for you from shipping to tuning When we give you the price, it will include a package that makes it easiest for you.  The price includes a bench, tax (if you are a California resident), shipping from the wholesaler to our shop, polishing the piano to a beautiful luster, doing custom touch and tone work on the piano to satisfy the best of pianists, shipping to your home, tuning in your home.  All of these details are arranged by us. You can expect no hidden costs.  We will need you to give us certain information about your location, the stairs to your house and any moving access difficulties the movers might have so that we can get accurate quotes on the move to your location.

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  7.  We bring the piano to its peak performance:   Once a new piano has left the manufacturer's warehouse there are still many things that can be done to it to bring it up to it's peak condition.   This requires the expertise and skill of a master piano technician and usually many hours of additional work.  Most pianos sold new today have not had this type of work done, unless they are  artist or concert grands being specially prepared for high profile concert artists.   Just because a piano is new, does not mean it is at its potential. Many dealers only do this important additional work if the customer is aware of it or insists on it.  

In addition, every ten years or so, a piano needs certain kinds of maintenance performed, usually voicing, regulation, and tuning.  Most  piano owners, and believe it or not, many dealers, never do this work.  So, if you are out there looking at pianos for sale, both new and used, it is likely that you haven't played one at its potential.  We are dedicated to giving you a piano that is as close to its potential as possible within the budget you have given us.  So, once you have ordered your piano, it will come directly to our shop, where our Master craftsman and concert pianist, Kendall Ross Bean, will inspect it to make sure that it is structurally sound and then will perform or supervise the necessary work to make it a pleasure to play and listen to.  If you want, you can come and visit the piano before it leaves the shop, and make any suggestions for touch and tone nuances that suit your preference.  When finished, the piano will be delivered to your home directly from our shop.

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  8.   We provide service in your home after delivery:  Once the piano has been delivered to your home, it is usually best to wait 1-2 weeks for it to  adjust to the climate in your home before tuning.  Afterwards, an in-home tuning can be scheduled.  If you live close to Walnut Creek, CA., then Kendall Bean himself  can come out and do the final tuning in the home.  If you live farther away, we will hire a qualified tuner/technician to do the tuning.     You can usually expect that there may be a few sticky keys or a squeaky pedal after a move, and the tuner can take care of these things at the time of his/her visit.

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  9.  You can count on us!  We are dedicated to successful piano matches and we will do everything within our power to make you happy.  As members of the Better Business Bureau, we also have a complaint free record.  We don't anticipate that you will have any complaints that cannot be easily resolved by us.  The Better Business Bureau Customer Care Program is also available as a support to you.  

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