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We use our expertise to select the best pianos.

For Vintage Steinway
and other Quality Grands
Rebuilt by Kendall Ross Bean


Price Range $15,000 to $95,000

You can count on us!



We can save you
thousands of dollars.

  We guarantee the condition of the piano We make it easy for you
from shipping to tuning
  We protect you with a Limited Warranty We bring the piano to
its peak performance
  We answer your questions before
you buy
We provide service in
your home after delivery

Top photo of 1873 Rosewood Victorian Steinway C Rebuilt by Piano Finders
and bottom photo is of Steinway B in Satin Ebony
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1.  We use our expertise to select the best pianos:  As you know Steinway, Bechstein, Mason & Hamlin, Bosendorfer, Knabe, Chickering and other vintage grands made prior to 1940 are considered some of the best ever made.   Instead of buying a vintage piano that has had partial or substandard workmanship, you can order a quality rebuild from us and then we will find you the piano you want to rebuild.  D & R Masters pianos are rebuilt by Kendall Ross Bean, through our authentic rebuilding process.   When finished, the piano looks, sounds and feels as good if not better than when it was new. Rebuilding a piano can give its parts an extended life of between 30-70 years.  We help you decide the type of rebuilding you want, give you a price and then find a piano that has the potential you are looking for.   This option allows you the to find some of the most beautiful cabinets, quality and designs of the past and yet have all the durability, touch and tone of a newly made piano.

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  2.  We guarantee the condition of the piano:  We have established the Piano Finders Standard, to help describe the condition of a piano in the areas of quality, tone, touch, durability and appearance.  We produce a written document for you, telling you exactly what to expect in each of these areas from the piano we will be delivering to you.  Often, even new pianos are not at their peak potential, because the dealer has not paid a skilled craftsman to do all the voicing, regulation and other adjustments that make the biggest difference in touch and tone on a piano.  You can be assured that we will be doing this work on your piano and we are willing to put it in writing before you commit to buy.

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  3.  We protect you with a 5 year D & R Masters, Inc. Limited Warranty:  Our rebuilding company, D&R Masters, Inc., contracts this transaction and offers you their warranty.  Since we will be completely rebuilding this piano for you, we are already assured that the quality of parts and workmanship is superior.  Our warranty is our way of telling you we are confident in the piano and will do what it takes to make sure the piano continues to perform well for you.  

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  4.  We answer your questions before you buy:  We want satisfied customers. One of our greatest sources of business is referrals from other customers we have satisfied. It is our goal to make sure that we have answered all your questions.  We also will educate you on issues you may not be aware of, so you can feel completely comfortable about making this purchase.  We screen our customers, and if we do not feel that what we have to offer suits your needs, or if we feel uncomfortable ourselves about how satisfied you will be, we will not enter into a contract with you.  There are other options for buying pianos, and we want you to choose the one that will make you happy.

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  5.  We can save you thousands of dollars:   New pianos cost at least $5,000 to $20,000 more than a recently quality rebuilt and refinished vintage grand.  And if you find a quality rebuilt and refinished grand already finished, it will usually sell for at least $5,000 more than if you buy the piano when it needs work and have us rebuild it.  Vintage Steinways and other quality grands have been appreciating at a rate of 5-8% every year for that last 13 years.  And as the demand continues to increase for these pianos the supply is fixed and becomes smaller in comparison to demand.    Some people even buy, rebuild and sell these instruments as an investment, because the returns are good and the process is rewarding.

We will give you a detailed analysis on the investment value of any piano you are deciding to buy before you make your decision.

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  6.  We make it easy for you from shipping to tuning When we give you the price, it will include a package that makes it easiest for you.  The price includes a bench, tax (if you are a California resident), shipping from the wholesaler to our shop, polishing the piano to a beautiful luster, doing custom touch and tone work on the piano to satisfy the best of pianists, shipping to your home, tuning in your home.  All of these details are arranged by us. You can expect no hidden costs.  We will need you to give us certain information about your location, the stairs to your house and any moving access difficulties the movers might have so that we can get accurate quotes on the move to your location.

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  7.  We bring the piano to its peak performance:    When a piano is rebuilt, major structural parts, such as the cast iron plate, the rim, the structure under the soundboard and the cabinet veneer are not replaced.  We will choose a piano where these parts are stable and capable many more years more of life.  The parts of a piano we often replace in a piano are its soundboard, pinblock, ribs, brigecaps, strings, tuning pins, hammers, shanks, flanges, keytops and other action parts.  Kendall Ross Bean's 20 plus years of experience as a Master craftsman and rebuilder, in addition to his training as a concert pianist, helps him to achieve a highly refined and superior quality musical instrument that is both beautiful to hear and a joy to play.   You may try out pianos he has rebuilt before making this decision to have D & R Masters rebuild your piano.   You can also talk to other customers who have chosen this approach.  You might enjoy our Key's Korner cartoon tour about how a piano works, which includes several diagrams of the piano parts, how they work and their names

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  8.   We provide service in your home after delivery:  Once the piano has been delivered to your home, it is usually best to wait 1-2 weeks for it to  adjust to the climate in your home before tuning.  Afterwards, an in-home tuning can be scheduled.  If you live close to Walnut Creek, CA., then Kendall Bean himself  can come out and do the final tuning in the home.  If you live farther away, we will hire a qualified tuner/technician to do the tuning.     You can usually expect that there may be a few sticky keys or a squeaky pedal after a move, and the tuner can take care of these things at the time of his/her visit.  

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  9.  You can count on us!  We are dedicated to successful piano matches and we will do everything within our power to make you happy.  As members of the Better Business Bureau, we also have a complaint free record.  We don't anticipate that you will have any complaints that cannot be easily resolved by us.  The Better Business Bureau Customer Care Program is also available as a support to you.  

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