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Code of Ethics

Our Pledge

Our Pledge

We realize that any transaction between two or more people is dependent upon the goodwill, integrity and trust between them. That trust is best maintained when people perform as promised and when expectations are clear and consequences for breaking commitments are defined and sufficient. In 20+ years of business experiences, we have discovered that things run much more smoothly when everyone knows what our values are, what we expect from ourselves, and from the people we do business with. We want you to know what is important to us as well as what we can and can't do. The code of ethics below will tell you what our goals are. Also see the Piano Finders Member Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Piano Finders Members Code Of Ethics

Piano Finders strives to encourage high standards and a better marketplace for all of us. This is our marketplace pledge:

  1. We will strive to create a friendly, cooperative and safe marketplace for everyone to do business in.
  2. We will treat others with respect and civility.
  3. We will honor our written contracts.
  4. We will keep the laws of the land where we live and where we conduct our business.
  5. We will strive to resolve conflicts with others in the least harmful way possible.
  6. We will not help others break the law.
  7. We will not represent ourselves as having authority to do something when we don t.
  8. We will not lie about ourselves, about others or about anything that is bought or sold.
  9. We will not steal other s physical or intellectual property.
  10. We will remember that mankind and man-made things are imperfect and can always be improved.

Agreed to by:

Karen E. Lile, President, Piano Finders

Kendall Ross Bean, Vice-President, Piano Finders