Piano Finders (PF) and client agree that the following terms and conditions are a part of the agreement between them and a part of the Ballpark Price and Piano Information Service Appraisal of the musical instrument.

            A.  The representations stated herein are based on the conditions of the musical instrument as reported to the Piano Finders Values Appraiser by the person paying for the service.  The  musical instrument has not been examined by Piano Finders.  PF IS NOT LIABLE FOR FAILURE TO ASCERTAIN OR DISCLOSE ANY CONDITION OF THE MUSICAL INSTRUMENT.

            B.  Statements of valuation of the musical instrument are based on an opinion of the national used piano market at the time of the appraisal.  Changes in general economic conditions and substantial changes in the used musical instrument market from any cause, including local dealers' importation of used instruments from other geographical areas, may change the market value of the musical instrument.

            C.  Neither PF nor the appraisers guarantee that this particular musical instrument can, or will be sold at a particular price, or that the musical instrument will retain the appraised value for an indefinite period of time.

            D.  The statements and opinions of the appraisal are those of the particular appraiser  who completed this appraisal.   Some variations of opinion, within reasonable limits, are expected between different appraisers.  PF makes no representations that purchase or sale of the musical instrument at the value stated in the appraisal is advisable or will satisfy the particular purposes and needs of the client.

            E.  At the request of the client, certain appraisals are made for purposes of insuring the musical instrument, and represent an opinion of replacement value through immediate purchase of a suitable replacement musical instrument.  Such appraisals for insurance purposes contain no representations as to market value.

            F.  PF shall not be liable for changes in the value of the musical instrument caused by changes in the condition of the musical instrument following the appraisal.  Water, heat, sunlight, moisture, humidity, and the conditions in different buildings and environments may affect the sound and condition of the musical instrument. 

            G.  This appraisal contains no express or implied warranties other than those implied by law.  The appraisal contains all the representations of PF as to the musical instrument.

            H.   Any dispute or claim arising out of this appraisal, whether founded in tort or contract, shall be settled by arbitration under the Arbitration Laws of the State of California and under the rules of the American Arbitration Association;  provided, however, that in any such arbitration the arbitrator may not vary, modify or disregard the provisions contained herein.  In any such dispute or claim, including any legal action, the prevailing party shall recover all courts costs and reasonable attorneys fees.


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