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Tell Me More about the Appraisal: Ballpark Price and Information Service.  

  1. What is this service?

  2. How long will it take for Piano Finders to complete this service?

  3. How much does this service cost?

  4. How and when do you pay?

  5. Will you benefit from using this service?

  6. What are the reasons you may not want to use this service?

  7. Why should you hire Piano Finders to perform this service?

  8. How do you order this service now?

  9. Samples of this service

1)      What is the service?

      Our Appraisal:  Ballpark Price and Piano Information Service gives you quick answers to questions you may have about a piano.  After ordering this service on a piano you are inquiring about, you will receive four different values for the piano (replacement value, current market value, wholesale and value after suggested improvements).  You will also receive the age, some information about the manufacturer and an answer to a specific question you may have about the pianos history or a piano situation you are dealing with.  In addition, we will tell you what your options are if you want to buy, sell or improve the condition of the piano.

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2)      How long will it take for Piano Finders to complete this service?

You will receive a reply within 2-7 business days.  In some cases, where we have to do additional research, it may take longer.  We will try to be sensitive to people’s needs for a quick response when they have only a short time to make a decision about a piano.  If you haven't heard from us within 7 business days, please send another message.  Sometimes, people  fill out the form without including their email, address or phone number and we have no way of contacting them with our answer.  The form is not sent like a regular email with your return address automatically included in the message.  It comes from our website with no automatic return address. 

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3)      How much does this service cost? 

  • $35 for response by email through Internet.

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4)      How and when do you pay?

  • By internet: secure server online.  Click Here to go to order page.

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5)      Will you benefit from using this service?

If you are a piano owner, buyer or seller in the United States, you may benefit from this service.  This service may be appropriate for your needs if:

  • You want a quick and inexpensive way to get a ballpark price on a particular piano

  • You want to know the age and some information about the manufacturer of a piano.

  • You need to know what your options are as a buyer, seller or owner of a piano so you can make a particular decision.

  • You are trying to decide whether a piano is worth having repairs, rebuilding or refinishing done to it.

  • You don't want to pay to have a technician inspect the piano for you at this time, but still need some information to help you make an immediate decision.

  • You have had a technician inspect the piano, but you need an outside opinion about pricing and have some questions about what the technician told you.  

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 6)      What are the reasons you may not want to use this service?

You may not want to use this service if:

  • You  need to know more about the condition of a piano than you have expertise to determine from your own inspection.  If you want to hire a technician, we have pre-selected technicians capable of doing a complete evaluation on your piano.  Click on Hire a Technician.  

  • You are really looking for the age and information about the piano manufacturer and would rather buy a book that gives you this information than have an email response from us.  If you explore the link at http://www.pinon.com/atlas you will find a way to order the Pierce Piano Atlas, a book that has gather together the information from over 11,000 different brand names of pianos and their serial number records. If you need to look up more than one piano, the cost of the book is low enough that you can order the book and look up the information up on your own.

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7)      Why should you hire Piano Finders to perform this service?

These are some of the reasons why Piano Finders can offer you a superior service:

  • Piano Finders has a proven comprehensive and accurate method that produces consistent results. 

  • Piano Finders has the expertise and experience to advise you about your options so you can make a good decision.   Piano Finders has records of thousands of inspections and appraisals that have been done over the past 16 years as well as reports from across the country regarding current piano market conditions.   In determining values, we take into consideration the condition of the piano, the local market conditions, the national market conditions, what a dealer will buy and sell a piano for, what private parties can get for their pianos through the newspaper, what new pianos wholesale for, etc.  With a ballpark appraisal, we have not inspected the piano ourselves, so our report to you is based upon the accuracy of what you tell us and upon the assumptions we have made about the piano's condition based upon its age, determined by the serial number.

  • Piano Finders can help you determine your options are when you don't have all the facts.  You will not always have all the information you need to make a comprehensive evaluation of your situation.  Sometimes the piano is inaccessible, you haven't seen it or there are no qualified technicians available to inspect it.  Piano Finders has the expertise to help you determine what your options are for any given situation.  

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8)    How do you order this service now?

Ordering this service is very simple.   Click Here to go to Ordering Options.

9)     Samples of this service.

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