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This is an example of the type of information you will receive if you order the

Appraisal:  Ballpark Piano Price and Information Service

I received your order and this is my ballpark price on your piano.  

You described the piano in your piano inspection dated :

My comments:

Age, according to serial number is            

Size:  This is a      , according to the measurements you have given us.

Manufacturer’s History:         

The piano will have 4 values:

  1. Replacement Value would be between $       to  $     . This is what it might cost for you to replace the piano with the nearest new or remanufactured equivalent in a market where these pianos were hard to find. This is the value you would insure it for, not a value you could sell it for.  (The nearest new equivalent would be a       )
  1. Current Market Value would be between $       to  $     . This is what a private party might pay to purchase the piano in its current condition.  A more comprehensive inspection may reveal a higher or lower value.   Since a R1.2 Inspection & Evaluation Report has not been submitted to us by a qualified Piano Technician, I have assumed that the piano may need some of the restoration itemized in Item 4 below to bring it up to its full potential.  If that restoration has already been done to a Superior Standard, then you can assume that the current market value would be somewhere between what is suggested here and what is suggested in Item 4.
  1. Wholesale Value would be between $       to  $     . This is what a dealer or rebuilder might pay to purchase the piano for the purpose of resale.  Some wholesale buyers will add value to the piano by doing rebuilding and/or refinishing.
  1. Value after reconditioning to a       Standard (on the Piano Finders Superior Standard Scale of      ) might be between $       to  $     . This piano would probably require between $       to  $     .  of restoration to bring it into this condition. An inspection by a qualified technician would be necessary to determine the amount of work that might be required.    

Specific Advice Pertaining to your question asked in the Ballpark Form: ___

The following paragraphs give some general advice affecting owners, sellers and buyers of pianos:

As an owner of the piano deciding whether or not to upgrade the piano, you might want to take into consideration the following issues:

Your options for selling would be as follows:

As a buyer of the piano, you might want to take into consideration the following issues:

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