Piano Finders offers Piano Appraisal, Inspection and Evaluation Services of quality grand pianos to people who have been referred to us by piano technicians, pianists, insurance adjusters, senior estate appraisers, attorneys, accountants and our previous clients.  Our inspection and appraisal services are customized for the situation and can take many forms, depending upon the need.

  • R1.1 Piano Appraisal and Values Report
  • R1.2 Piano Inspection Report (8 pages of detailed technical information about pianos condition and potential)
  • R1.3 Piano Recommendation Report (Options for improving the quality, durability, tone, touch and appearance of the piano.
  • Customized Letters for insurance, forensic, buying or selling, donation purposes.

Appraisals, Inspections, Evaluations are based upon an hourly rate, and cost depends upon what the client’s request is and the value of the piano.

Below is a recent article in the Music Trades Magazine December 2017 about Piano Finders as appraisers.

MusicTradesGlobalEdition201 PIANOFINDERS2017MTMArticleO