Donate a Piano to Support Live Music and Learning!

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If you have a quality piano worthy of restoration or in great condition, our Piano Donation Project can help you! You might have something in common with the other clients who have used our service.

Why do our clients donate pianos?

  • The piano has sentimental value to them, and they would rather enjoy a great process of donating it to a good cause than take the retail or wholesale value.   (plus the tax benefits)
  • They don’t have room for it anymore and want it to go to a good home.
  • They want to see it restored so it can be played, but don’t have the budget to do the restoration themselves.
  • A loved one played it, and they want to create a good future story for the piano, since they can’t play it themselves and their family members don’t have room for it.
  • They don’t need the money and are even willing to pay for the piano to be restored so that it can have a future life with live music and learning in memory of a loved one.
  • It belonged to a celebrity family member, and they want to donate it anonymously rather than have it sold.

We respond by email if you have a Steinway grand piano of any age or a almost new grand piano that you wish to donate that is located anywhere in the contiguous United States.  For other types of piano donations, call 925-202-2229 to begin the process.

About the Piano Donation Project

The Piano Donation Project is a service provided by Piano Finders for its clients, that places pianos with the non-profit organizations we sponsor, to benefit live music and lessons in the arts for communities across the contiguous United States.

How do I get started?

The Piano Donation Project is sponsored by Piano Finders. We can help you if you have a quality grand piano to donate. We also consider newer uprights in good condition.  Know the brand of your piano, whether it is a grand and upright before you contact us. Call 925-202-2229 to begin the process. We do not accept upright pianos older than 20 years old, or grands that do not have a brand name marking.

Do you accept organs, keyboards or other instruments?

The piano donation project specializes in acoustic pianos. We do accept acoustic pianos that have player piano mechanisms, but we do not accept piano keyboards or organs.

Where do you accept pianos from?

We accept pianos from the 48 contiguous United States. We do not accept pianos from the islands or other countries at this time.

How does Piano Finders help you?

Piano Finders help make your piano donation process easy and quick, if we know that your piano will be desirable to the non-profit organizations we work with.   Call 925-202-2229 to begin the process.

More information about Donating a Piano

More about Donating a Piano