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Selling Service Options:

Piano Finders offers you a variety of options for listing and selling your piano through our brokerage service.  Each service is designed to fill a need that you might have.  Read through the options below and then select the service you would like to use.

  1. List Your Piano For Sale Now

  2. Bronze Selling Service

  3. Silver Selling Service

  4. Gold Selling Service

  5. Piano Finders Business Member Options

  6. Chart Comparing Selling Service Options

Bronze Selling Service:  If you only need our potential buyers and don't mind doing the work of selling your piano yourself once they contact you, this service has the lowest commission. (10% Commission if sold to a Piano Finders Referred Buyer) 

  • Order this service by listing your piano for sale now:  Click Here.

  • Read the contract for the Bronze Selling Service:  Click Here

  • For answers to frequently asked questions about this service, click on "Tell Me More"
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Silver Selling Service:  If you want to minimize the amount of time you have involved in the selling price, want us to plan the selling strategy, promote your piano throughout our Business Network on and off our site, talk to the buyers and handle the entire sales transaction, choose this option (20% Commission).  This service is only available for upright and grand pianos of certain types. 

Gold Selling Service:  If you want need us to help you sell your piano quickly or move it to another location where it can be sold over time, this service will provide you what you need to get the job done in the time and circumstances given.  (30% Commission) This service is only available for upright and grand pianos of certain types. 

Piano Finders Business Members Options:  If you are a piano salesperson, dealer or broker, there are special options for to you that are compatible with your situation and give you a discount in fees.  Contact us through our Help Desk and introduce yourself and the situation.

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