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1889 Steinway A

1889 Steinway 6'2" Model A

Piano Finders has a variety of free information online. The Education Online section has extensive articles on the piano market place as well as a tour of how the piano works. There are also diagrams about how to measure a piano, how to find its serial number, how to measure touchweight, etc. The article "A Not So Short Guide to the Piano World" is one of the most frequently read articles on our website.

The Decide Guide walks you, as a buyer, through a series of questions to help you decide where you are in the process and what your options are, based upon the decisions you have already made.

The Buyers FAQs answers questions about the various sizes of pianos, how to move them, how to care for them and how to compare between them. There is information about the differences between grands and uprights

The Piano Finders Price Comparison Guide is an ideal tool if you are trying to compare prices between new pianos or want consultation on whether a new or used piano is priced fairly. Purchase of the guide gives you access to free consultation while you are making your decision.

Appraisals are available in a variety of formats from the Ballpark Pricing and Piano Information Servie to the more extensive Comprehensive Piano Appraisal.

Brand Name Research is available if you want to know more about the history of a used piano's brand name. Check out this section to see what brands we have information on.

Piano Rebuilding by master crafstmen including Kendall Ross Bean is available in our rebuilding shop. Check out photos of the rebuilding process.

Shop the Online Store for piano accessories and the Pianos for Sale section for pianos listed for sale by dealers and private parties.

Under Manufacturers you will find a list of all the manufacturers today and links to their websites. If you are looking for information about a brand name that is no longer manufactured, check out Brand Research to see if we have information about the piano you want information about.

Check out the links on this page for the articles and services that best suit your needs. We look forward to being of service to you and appreciate your visiting us here online.