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Welcome to   Over the coming years, we will continue to add articles that we hope you will enjoy and find helpful as well.  You can check here to see what has been added since your last visit.  There are several ways to access information through this site.  The bars in the borders of each page have links to articles by subjects of interest.  An alphabetical listing of all articles in this site is contained in the Index.

These are the Articles and Links posted on this site: 

May 2005

We are currently adding 8 sections with more photographs and descriptions to our Piano Rebuilding Section.  We have just added the following sections:

May 21, 2004

We have revised our Pianos For Sale section. You can now manage your own listings, placing pianos up for sale, searching pianos wanted, closing listings for pianos that have already sold, etc. 

January 1, 2004

You no longer have to go through a registration process to use the site for services that are free.   Username and passwords are only needed for restricted areas of the site

We have posted a new PF Member Agreement effective 1-1-04.  

December 4, 2001

We have added our Audio Visual section, featuring three videos from Piano Finders television broadcasts, including a Classical Music Video, an excerpt from the Kendall Ross Bean Children's Concerts and a 1 minute piece on Piano Rebuilding in the Piano Finders Concord Shop.

December 1, 2001

We have updated the Piano Finders Standard.  

November 24, 2001

  • We have added graphics throughout the site to make navigation easier and more interesting. 

October 2, 2001

September 5, 2001

  • September Bench and Lamp Sale with Free Shipping!

  • We pre-screened 2,000 piano technician's across the United States and Canada to do tunings and inspections for our clients. So far, we have added 45 technicians from 24 states plus Canada and Africa.  Now if you need to hire a technician, you can do so online.  Go to Hire a Technician.  If we don't have a technician in your area, then email us and we will find one for you.

August 7, 2001

  • We have hired D & R Masters, Inc. to begin upgrading various interactive features in our website, starting with our store.  D&R Masters adheres to the same privacy policy we use.

February 7, 2001

  • We added several new search categories for the Pianos for Sale section.   Now you will only see pianos for sale instead of all the pianos that have been sold as well, unless you choose the option to see sold pianos.  Also you can search for pianos by age, cabinet finish, and style in addition to all the other search categories that existed before.  Go to Pianos for Sale.  

January 19, 2001

  • We added a Tips for Sellers page.  This will help seller know the most important things they can do to help sell their piano on our site.

January 11, 2001

  • We added a New to Our Site? section, explaining how the site works and how to find what you need if you are new to our site.

January 10, 2001

  • We have now added many new search catagories to the Buyers Search Listing. We have also put the buyers and sellers index on the same page so it is easier for buyers and sellers to find each other.  Click on Buy-Sell to see new page. 

January 9, 2001

  • We have now added a catalogue of piano and organ benches, piano lights and we will be updating it daily to include, piano covers, piano moving equipment, castor cups, instrument care items and all the accessories that you might need for your piano.  Check out our current catalogue with our Piano Finders Store Search Tool.

  • We have improved our pianos for sale database for by making it possible for you to:

    • Search by the location of the piano (by state, city, country)

    • See photographs for pianos (where they have been provided  by the seller)

    • Link from the piano database to the photo showroom when more information is available about a piano for sale.

  • It is no longer necessary for piano sellers to fill out two separate  forms in order to list their pianos for sale on our database.  Now you can just fill out one form, with the contract included and your piano is entered for listing.  List your piano for sale now.

December 27, 2000

  • We have now added Visa/MasterCard payment options for online services and products available on this website.  You can make your payments online.  See Services and Products for things you may wish to order online.  We will be adding to our database of products on a daily basis until our catalogue is full. 

November 14, 2000

  • We have set up a Help Desk to make it easy for you to contact us.  This new system is a vast improvement over regular email because:

    • It allows you to track your calls to us and see how they are progressing 24 hours per day.

    • It allows us to easily refer your incoming calls to the most appropriate person to handle your request.  

    • It is more private than email.  

October 15, 2000

  • We have shortened the URL's (addresses) within the buyer's section of the website, so they are easier to type in for those coming to the site from other locations.  This means that the words "smartguide" no longer appear as part of the address.  If you have tagged certain pages for re-entry in your browser (for example for the Price Comparison Guide), you will need to go back to the home page, enter in through the Piano Buyers section and find those addresses again and remark them in your browser favorites.  You might also want to "refresh/reload" the pages in the web to make sure you are getting the newest updates.

October 14, 2000

  • We have begun an extensive programming project to improve the Buyer's Smart Guide so that buyers will soon have many more tools to help them shop and compare pianos.  Today, we added easy navigation features to the Buyer's Smart Guide.   It will now be easier for buyers to find the rich resources available on this website.

October 4, 2000

September 22, 2000

  • We have adding the following statement the bottom of the more than 800 pages in this site:  "Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Piano Finders Member Agreement and Privacy Policy".  This will make it easy for you to find access to these documents from any page within our site.

  • We have also added the #2914 as part of our address, as now required by the U.S. Postal Service for delivering out mail.  When addressing mail to us in the future, the address should read as follows, with the exact spacing and line divisions indicated below:

    Piano Finders #2914
    2121 North California Blvd., Suite 290
    Walnut Creek, CA 94596

September 16, 2000

  • We have updated our Piano Finders Members Contract. The old member contract is available to view at:
    Old PF Member Contract 
  • The new contract is available at to view at:
    Current Piano Finders Member Contract
  • All members who signed up under the old contract shall have 30 days to notify Piano Finders if they wish to remove their name from the membership list and not agree to the new contract. If Piano Finders does not hear from members who signed up under the old contract within 30 days, it they will be governed by the new contract as of 10/16/00.
  • The new contract will apply to all those who use this site and/or sign up as Piano Finders Members on or after 9/16/00.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email. /contactus.htm 

August 25, 2000

August 12, 2000

  • We have now created a section of our website where buyers can list what they are looking for.  Up until now, buyers could only communicate with us by email.  This limited our ability to help them if a piano wasn't already listed on our site.   Now they can post their search on the web (without revealing personal information to the public) for potential sellers to see. This allows sellers to check to see if the piano they are selling already has a buyer looking for it before they list with us.  Buyers can post on our site by clicking on Buyers: Piano Search.  Sellers and buyers can view the Buyers Searches by clicking on Buyer's Search Listing.

July 27, 2000

  • We are now offering three new Selling Service Options to help you sell your piano.  Previous to today, it was not possible for a seller to list their piano directly onto our website or submit seller agreements online.   All documents were handled by mail and fax and the turn around time was much slower than it will be now.  

  • We have revised the entire Piano Sellers section to make it easy for you to access the information and services you need.

  • We have added a Piano Purchase Offer contract online so that buyers can immediately submit offers on pianos they are interested in. 

  • We have set up our Piano Escrow Services

  • We have updated the Piano Finders Fees section to include the Escrow & Contract Service.

July 26, 2000

  • We completed the Piano Finders Security System.   This system allows us to password protect the portions of this website that are for Piano Finders Members only.  Those who want to become Piano Finders Members may now register online.  

  • The Piano Finders Price Comparison Guide is now accessible only through the Piano Finders Security System.  There is also a link into the guide directly from the PFPCG Intro Page for those who already have already paid for the guide and received authorization from the Administrator to have access to it.  Those who bought the Guide before this system was put into effect, will need to follow the instructions on the following page in order to set up continued access:  Click Here.

July 14, 2000

We did research for you on the laws that apply to escrow companies and piano movers.  We decided to post these laws directly on our site for your convenience.  Some of the government sites they came from were difficult to navigate and we wanted this information readily available to all. You can get access to these laws through the following pages:  

July 7, 2000

June 1, 2000

We added several pages to the About Us Section.

May 30, 2000

We currently added a new section to our website that is full of great photos of our piano rebuilding process.  Whether or not you plan on rebuilding a vintage instrument, this is a fascinating subject and worth the educational tour.

The month of January, 2000

  • We are currently adding several options to the Pianos for Sale list.  You can now search a list of several hundred pianos by price, by ratings, by ID and by brand.  

  • We are also updating other pages within the website to include references to these new additions to the Pianos for Sale list


December 6, 1999

  • The Piano Finders Shopping Service is now free to all buyers. Check out the latest details.

  • The Piano Finders Standard has been updated and all pianos available through the Piano Finders Shopping Service have now been rated against this standard

  • Over 500 pianos for sale are now available and rated.  Although we have not yet posted these pianos on the website (still constructing the interface), we can fax a copy to you or attach an Excel or Word file to an email so that you can review it.  Submit your request through the Piano Finders Shopping Order Form. 

  • Definitions for categories on your Pianos for Sale list are now available on the web at Definitions.

November 19, 1999

October 25, 1999

  • Pianos for Sale Listings is now accessible for buyers and sellers through submission forms for buyers and sellers.  

October 20, 1999

October 4, 1999

  • Outside Links:  Connects you to piano related links outside this website.

September 30, 1999

September 21, 1999 

  • An interactive Smart Guide to Buying a Piano.  This contains links to over 100 pages of articles & information.

  • A special Buyer's Library section highlighting the articles that will be of special interest to the buyer.

  • What Piano Finders Can Tell You About a Piano  

  • Updated links throughout the site to include over 50 new listed under the above mentioned categories.

Tell Me More sections for the Comprehensive Appraisal Service and the Consultation Service.    

August 14, 1999

Updated the Services & Products Page and To Those Who Want More Information On Any Piano
Restructured internal structure of the web so that additions of major sections in future will be easier for designers.  This will not be obvious to users.  URL's for specific pages within the web have changed.  So if a user has linked specific pages to their favorites section, or has other references to URL's within the site, they may need to be updated.  The home page URL has not changed, nor have the navigation bars within the site, so it should be fairly easy to find what the new address is for the page you are missing. 
Added the following pages:
Tell Me More about the Ballpark Piano and Information Service
Ballpark Service Email Sample

July 24, 1999

Piano Service and Repair FAQ's has been added.

July 13, 1999

The Ballpark Price Form has now been changed to the Ballpark Price & Piano Information Service Order Form.  The older form is no longer accessible at this site. Our new form allows you to purchase our services directly from your computer without having to cut and paste, fax or mail your order to us.  (But, you can still fax or mail us if you choose.)

A Payment Entry Form has been added to allow Secure Server access when you pay for Piano Finders Services online. This protects all your privacy and confidential information during the process of payment.

A Terms and Conditions page for the Ballpark Price and Piano Information Service has been linked to several places within the site.

Other pages that make references to these above mentioned pages have been edited to include the new links.

July 12, 1999

To Those Who Want More Information On Any Piano

June 22, 1999

Added Section on "Rebuilt or Reconditioned Pianos" to
A Short Guide to the Piano World

Added links to resources outside this website and updated Piano Finders Services & Products descriptions on the following pages:
Piano Buyers
Piano Sellers
Services and Products

May 4, 1999

Added Ballpark Price Form to Piano Questionnaire
Updated links and descriptions in Piano Appraisals

April 28, 1999

Link to: "Fine-Tuning a Niche in Music", Contra Costa Times"
Links to: Better Business Bureau Online at various places within the site, through BBB logo.

March 19, 1999

Media Features

As of February 17, 1999

A Short Guide to the Piano World
Piano Comparison Chart

As of February 2, 1999.

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