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Replacing the Hammers Replacing the Soundboard Regilding the Plate
Replacing the Pinblock Restringing the Piano Replacing the Dampers(coming soon)
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A well built piano can last hundreds of years, if properly serviced and maintained. Part of the care and maintenance of a fine instrument is periodic reconditioning or rebuilding, which can consist of a number of operations, including restringing, pinblock replacement, hammer replacement, action rebuilding, key recovering, soundboard replacement, and refinishing. Today, rather than buying a new piano, many choose to purchase and/or restore a vintage instrument.

The restoration (commonly referred to as rebuilding) of an antique piano is a work of intensive labor, skill, craftsmanship and artistry. Restoring an instrument properly gives it new life and a long future in which it can continue to bring joy to future generations of music lovers.

Many artists feel that vintage instruments, conscientiously restored, will often be equal to or better than new pianos on the market today. A comprehensively rebuilt piano should have a life expectancy comparable to that of a new piano.

There are many acceptable techniques and processes for rebuilding pianos. This particular section of our website focuses on how we rebuild pianos here at Piano Finders.

We hope you enjoy the tour of our work. Click on photos above to go to each section of the rebuilding process.